Write To Your MPP

Dear [MPP]

Convenience store owners work hard to make their living. They follow all government rules and are eager to partner with government to ensure youth do not get access to age-restricted products.

Ontario has a big problem with illegal and unregulated tobacco. Licensed tobacco retailers take their responsibility of selling age-restricted products very seriously. Contraband tobacco is completely unregulated, totally unfair, and unsafe for our youth. Please make fighting the scourge of illegal, unregulated tobacco a priority in Ontario. Government cannot afford to lose almost $800M annually in tobacco tax revenue!

Convenience store owners have long been a trusted alley for government, selling a wide range of age restricted products responsibly including tobacco, lottery and in some communities, beverage alcohol. Our compliance in ensuring minors don’t get access to products by asking for ID is close to 100% based on government records. No other retail chain compares with our record.

Please do not introduction legislation that hurts hard working small business operators.

Please stop the unlevel playing field!